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On disc: Hollywood Burnouts

Excess All Areas - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Excess All Areas

Excess All Areas
(Rock Road Records - 2012)

With Excess All Areas Bavarian outfit Hollywood Burnouts presents their full-length debut. The band was founded in 2008 by 4 music students who all love glam and sleaze metal and so they joined forces and in 2010 presented a self-titled EP. Now it's time for a full album and songs like the opener Hands Of Rock take you back in time.

Song #4 is a ballad called A Part Of My Heart which is offered quite early, but well... It's well done, but not one which gives you goose bumps. On the other hand it isn't easy to create a ballad full of magic. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme sounds a lot like old Def Leppard spiced up with some Van Halen... One of the highlights is Kings Of Sin, but back in the days you had these over-the-top productions which gives you powerful polished tunes and that's something I miss a bit. But as it isn't a Michael Wagner production, you can't blame them. ;) Again you can hear Def Leppard-esque sounds mixed with NWoBHM-like riffs. With 8 Lives Gone they present another balladesque one, this time more powerful. Somehow it make me think of Spread Eagle - at least the opening passage... Heavy riffs are back at Fake Baby, but the following Wild At Heart with its sleaze edge is more convincing.

A decent album which sleaze rockers and glam metal heads will appreciate. But even if there are some catchy parts, I miss a real ear catcher... But well, you can't have it all and this is their full-length debut! So, check out Hollywood Burnouts, if you are into the 80's glam metal!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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