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On disc: Hollow Haze

Poison In Black - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Poison In Black

Poison In Black
(Bakerteam Records - 2012)

A cover version of Black Sabbath's classic song Headless Cross is the end of this fine album from Hollow Haze. They continue the good work from the previous 3 albums here on their newest CD which is called Poison In Black, power and heavy metal in a good mix. Most of their progress is kept in the way Ramon Somato sings the songs. Passionate as Italians, and with power so the songs always have strength in them. Hollow Haze has a good control of the things they produce, and the song Tears Of Pain show a progressive way of NWoBHM with a bit of repeats and staccato effects built into the song. Never Turn Back is also a progressive and slow track, but it has a clear inspiration from the style that Iron Maiden uses, one of the better songs on Poison In Black. Nest great song is definitely Hit In Time with fantastic drumming and really playing with the muscles of power metal and the parts of the song where we get the keyboards are not at all misplaced, it fits right in. Chained gives us a taste of balanced sleaze metal of the better quality, just to spread the musical style a little. Remorse is in my view the best and hardest song on the album, melodic and with hitting hard power metal to prove their seriousness as a power metal band. As mentioned there is a cover version of Headless Cross, but apart from a fantastic drum solo as intro, the song is flat and without the character that was put into the song when Black Sabbath did it. Much different music from Hollow Haze, and most of it is rather good.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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