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On disc: Brent Hinds

Fiend Without A Face & West End Motel - Lars Bjørn - 2 stars

Fiend Without A Face and West End Motel

Fiend Without A Face & West End Motel
(Rocket Science - 2011)

Brent Hinds is a well known musician, guitarist / singer, involved with the band Mastodon, but are also involved in other musical projects. One of these side-projects is the band Fiend Without A Face who are now releasing their debut album, a double album in fact. To be completely honest he could have saved himself the effort of bringing this double CD to the record shops.... It's made of surf-related rodeo rock and country music, and has not much to do what he normally does, but maybe Brent Hinds wanted to something completely different. The outcome is not successful though, songs tendering stupidity and foolishness of a weak standard. Nothing of this material will appeal to metal music lovers, and to pinpoint the whole damned thing: One of his songs is called: Stupido. In my view they could all be called: Stupido.

2 stars

Lars Bjørn


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