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On disc: High On Fire

Snakes For The Divine - Umberto Mino - 7 stars

Snakes For The Divine

Snakes For The Divine
(E1 Music - 2010)

Wow......... If the change of the drummer cause this sound, I hope that many bands soon will change their drummer!! :-))) Ok, the meaning of this introduction is because High On Fire with their new drummer Des Kensel (from Zeke) has realized a powerful album, with the same stoner / doom roots, but more aggressive. Matt Pike (guitars and voice) and Jeff Matz (bass) must be proud of their new creature Snakes For The Divine, their attitude is proved in this CD and tracks like the title track or Ghost Neck proof that, no stoner or doom, only power, guts and aggressivity!!!! Any track of this album could be considered like a 'classic', song like Fire, Flood And Plague and Holy Flames Of The Fire Splitter will destroy your speakers!!!
And like someone said.... Doom or be doomed !!! High On Fire will destroy your necks!!!

7 stars

Umberto Mino


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