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On disc: Hidden Timbre

- Hidden Timbre - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Hidden Timbre

Hidden Timbre
(Red Farm Records - 2007)

The band Hidden Timbre comes from Gera, a town in Eastern Germany. The first note of Matter Of Pride show the quintet with a very modern rock sound which they combine with progressive elements and beautiful melody lines. Especially singer Anja Bräutigam makes the band stick out. On the opening track they add a bit melancholy... You can hear some longing... And that fits to the song about a couple who live far away from each other... In such a relation you feel melancholy sometimes... Or you are longing for the other. The songs transports this feelings very well. The combination of complex rhythm parts, heavy riffs and beautiful melodies let me think of The Gathering - but Hidden Timbre are different!
On At The Crossroads they change between slow, emotional parts and very complex progressive parts. Some vocal parts remind me of Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil... Sure, Lacuna Coil aren't that progressive, but its the modern sound and the riff-based music. Producer Kalle Wallner and the band did a very good job producing this album! The production is powerful and crystal clear. Anja's vocals are in the focus and ingratiating - you can't stop listening to her. With Tell Me they slow down and present a powerful balladesque song. Here the vocal parts have a touch of Kate Bush and Heather Nova.
Art rock-ish it gets with Time To Sleep... A bit Floyd-ish, too. The overall feeling is threatening... The song is a bit creepy... And stands in sharp contrast to the predecessor Tell Me. The last track on Hidden Timbre is called Doom - and is almost 9 minutes and kinda shows the whole spectrum of Hidden Timbre's sound, perhaps more progressive then others and less riff-oriented, but still a good sum up of their sound universe.
They are way heavier then many other bands and the modern sound elements you rarely find in prog rock / metal. But at the same time their music is very relaxed. They don't really fit into a genre... They are interesting for fans of prog metal and art rock... Check out: Tell Me, At The Crossroads, Doom and My World Is Bigger.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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