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On disc: Hibria

The Skull Collectors - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

The Skull Collectors

The Skull Collectors
(Remedy Records - 2009)

With The Skull Collectors the guys from Porto Allegre present their 2nd album, their debut Defying The Rules was released in 2004. With the opener Tiger Punch they show which road they take, their music is a mix of Helloween (Kiske era), Iron Maiden, Judas Priest combined with progressive elements la Dream Theater or Symphony X. The songs on The Skull Collectors are fast ones with a heavy punch, fat riffs and cool leads - and on top the high-pitched vocals of Iuri Sanson. A good choice to check them out is Reborn From The Ashes, coz it has all the trademarks of the Hibria sound. Even as the songs are all up-tempo, they vary speed and not following Dragonforce on the hyperfast lane. More traditional metal with progressive elements is The Anger Inside and they can hook you up - same can be said about the title track. A bit more progressive is Burning All The Flags, but again they wove in other elements... But you can check out any of the 8 tracks, there isn't a bad one!
Btw, the CD I got has 9 tracks, but only 8 listed... If my source is right, the last track is called Wings Of Wax. Musically there aren't any surprises, so it doesn't change much, just that you get one more track. ;)
The guys play on a high technical level, combine power and progressiveness, add melodies and even if they don't create something brand-new they can offer a great mix. Only if you have problems with high-pitched vocals, then they won't get you! They aren't limited to a certain genre, so just check them out, if you like good, powerful metal!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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