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On disc: Hesus Attor

Sonic Gastronomy Vol. 1 - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Sonic Gastronomy Vol. 1

Sonic Gastronomy Vol. 1
(Moonlee Records - 2008)

Never heard of Hesus Attor? Well, first we don't hear much about Croatian bands and second, their surrealistic metal is very challenging and not designed for the masses! Their label Moonlee Records describes their music as dadaistic mathcore or experimental metal. Fans of Mr. Bungle, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Ruins and Melvins should lke it.. Hesus Attor's sound is crazy and fans of some Japanese acts like Polysicks and Boredoms might like it, too. Their first release was called Izdali smo metal - which means: We betrayed metal! Okay, if this somehow sounds interesting to you, then keep reading!
The foursome call themselves a surrealistic monster and as they are all friends of fast food as well as local cuisine - and their musical variety is as diverse. All songs are about food, even if this isn't always easy to get. They are fans of comics and horror movies and so created a ironic, sometimes sarcastic blend of sounds... noises. Sometimes this make you laugh like at Cahracack which seems to be created by a schizophrenic person... or a schizophrenic bi-polar person. If you don't take it to serious, it makes you laugh! They combine Balkan sounds with metallic riffs, deconstruct the song structure and add some weirdness. Mike Patton created with Mr. Bungle some crazy tunes, and Hesus Attor push it to the limits! The track flow into another, you can't always say when a song starts or ends. A sound frenzy! One of the track which makes it a bit easier to discover the sound universe of the maniacs is Guatemala Dreaming. At the one you find short passages which are melodic and almost catchy. But then heavy riffs and strange noises disturb the image just arising. A sound track to a surrealistic nightmare! Not easy to digest! And perhaps best to consume in small pieces... At La Hesusaracha they additionally put into the blender some hardcore pieces and death metal growls - and some musical pieces which should remind you of Mexico... And on top some operatic vocals, well a caricature of operatic vocals. Sounds crazy? Well... At Arbeit you'll find a few citations, but before you can fathom it they continue the sonic roller coaster ride. At the last track Petrosimul they kick off a bit Doors-ish... but then the track changes and... Again it's like the soundtrack to some strange dream.
Well, the Croatians offer a totally weird mix. Some song structures are detectable, but some parts are almost indigestible. You can't be sure what they present next...The cover and the booklet illustrations fit to the music, no musical fast food, but for some CD players it's probably fast food - as the CD will fast get replaced. ;)
So I can only recommend to go to their MySpace and listen to the songs there! Perhaps you will find this interesting, perhaps you will hate it! After a good meal you feel sleepy... after digesting this CD you'll feel exhausted! The CD is just shy of 40 minutes, but you'll feel totally done!
One thing is for sure, you will hear something you won't expect, something unique and it takes guts to present this sonic craziness called Sonic Gastronomy Volume 1!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


           2008-2010 by Claudia Ehrhardt • E-Mail:

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