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Misanthropic Slaughter - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Misanthropic Slaughter

Misanthropic Slaughter
(Rock It Up Records - 2011)

Four fellows from Arizona, USA has made a great debut album with their style of melodious trash to press out the brains of the people who puts their CD on full volume as they splutter on the floor in astonishment and disbelieve. How can true trash metal sound this way, some may wonder. But get it a shot yourself and find out why the feedback on this piece has been so good. Misanthropic Slaughter is a success no matter how you look at it, 11 songs where they polish off the carefulness of the sound and launch out aggressive powerful metal. It will keep banging in your ears even after the songs are finished, essence of 80's power metal combined with undying trash and traditional heavy metal.

Leadman Masaki Murashita has a raw and brutal way of singing, but it fits properly for this album as it need all the aggression that they can produce to give an impressive first try, and as long as the product are as good as Misanthropic Slaughter is, no one can blame them of being unserious. Best material is M.O.D. with hot flying guitars touched by 80's powerful metal. And The World Dies is a superb high octane trash metal song that has guitar finesses that most would find very listenable. Hopeless is a song full of heavy rhythm where they go at full speed and succeeds with it. Blood Storm gives thunderous metal of the highest quality, real great song. But the best comes with Hadephobia where the power is so enormous that words hardly can define how they work those guitars.

A few more albums, and they will probably get the highest score achievable, but here they get 8/10 for starters.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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