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On disc: Hellsaw

Trist - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars


(Napalm Records - 2012)

The vocalist Aries is far from the best singer in the world, but he has tons of energy that is splashed out for the enjoyment of Hellsaw fans. On their 4th album Hellsaw continues what they do best, good basic black metal with 9 songs of a mixed quality to say the least. The drums dominate too much, like it was a contest of drumming until your arms fall off, but besides that misery I must say that Hellsaw has some very constructive lines in their music. The Devil Is Calling My Name is a great opener of the albums onslaught. Brutal and fast black metal with clear postings of what Hellsaw is doing, a massive metal message from hell. The title song, Trist, is a slow black metal song built over a melodic mixture, but gets a little spoilt as singer Aries is better for the faster songs where he can compromise of the lacks of singing qualities. Doom Pervades Nightmares is the best songs they offer the listeners, a great metal rhythm that grabs the listeners by the throat and tighten as the drums continue to grow wilder and more extreme. A song you can avoid to get captivated by, and if that wasn't enough they do a soft and very elegant outro that traps you deeper into their doom nightmare. The last song is called Silence, and here we get the all of their accumulated power with a black rhythm they serve for desert. Drums are still dominant but somehow it fits on their finishing song, Silence. As mentioned a very mixed dish from the Austrians, but mostly they survive the nightmare they have built up.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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