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On disc: Hellowed

- The Night Of The Reaper - Philip Thelen - 7 stars

The Night Of The Reaper

The Night Of The Reaper
(self-released - 2007)

First I should mention that Hellowed is an underground act. This review shall support the underground, coz the guys are as much fans as we and they do it their way - and have fun. You can literally hear who much they enjoy playing.
Welcome To Hell is the debut if the German newcomers Hellowed from Saarland. The intro is a bit melancholy, but then grows and when they start into Time And Again the melodic tunes make you bang your head.
The albums production is 80's metal-like, but crystal clear and even if produced on low standards - due to the lack of money for a big production - it just sounds great! There are many labels to categorize music, but they are pure, ass-kicking metal!
The band revived the 80's and at days where legends like Iron Maiden are no longer stick to their sound, these guys give you back the 80's feeling. Songs like All My Dreams and Engines High make you sing along. And one have to realize that it's not necessary to have a 10 min. guitar solo or progressive parts to write a decent song.
Actually it's a pity that this band don't get more attention. It ain't a waste of time to listen to this CD and if they play somewhere around, you should take the chance, but unfortunately they don't play live to often... This is 100% pure metal - from fans for fans!

7 stars

Philip Thelen
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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