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On disc: Hell Or Highwater

Begin Again - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Begin Again

Begin Again
(Pavement Entertainment - 2013)

Brandon Saller is the man behind this new band from California called Hell Or Highwater. They make a fresh debut with hard rock and pop songs that goes perfect for playing on the car radios while cruising around in sunny California. Their opening song Gimme Love is planned to make their first music video, and with it's hard rock attitude that is not a bad choice. The better material from Hell Or Highwater is the melodic Hail Mary that has a fresh style, inspirational guitar play and guts. Find The Time To Breathe is pure rock music with lots of classic rock included, here is pop rock at it's finest. Come Alive has also this hard rock attitude which is a trademark of Hell Or Highwater, good song above average. Last song I want to highlight is an experiment from the band. In 1971 Simon And Garfunkel made an album that is rated amongst the best rock albums in last century, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, and one of the songs from there is a quiet sentimental song, The Boxer. How to give it new life is just a matter of letting Hell Or Highwater take a look at it, and the result is a respectful pop rock version that makes the room rock, and without making a disgrace of the original song from Simon And Garfunkel.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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