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On disc: Bert Heerink

Better Yet... - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Better Yet...

Better Yet...
(AOR Heaven - 2009)

Some might remember the Vandenberg debut album which became a milestone. The band of Adrian Vandenberg toured and released some more albums and Heerink toured 2002 with Tommy - rock musical by The Who - in the Netherlands. Now 2 decades later Vandenberg singer Bert Heerink is back! Mr. Heerink is offering on Better Yet... a collection of AOR tunes, even if the opener Panic Attack shows him a bit heavier... For the song writing he teamed up with e.g. Harry Hess, Bob Daisley and Russ Ballard - to name just a few. The production was handled by Michael Voss who achieved to give the songs a powerful sound which is modern, but not too polished. After the balladesque April he offers an 80's rocker called Whose Side Are You On. After Falling Down, a slightly sad tune, he presents Love Is Like Heaven, a riff-based tune. One of my favorites is Restless Heart, the song has a different atmosphere... It's more intense and even has a dash aggression. The backings are quite 80's-like, but not too prominent. Nice guitar solo. The closer Significance is another highlight on Better Yet... - and a good way to get an idea about Bert Herrink's return to rock.
Bert Heerink is back with an AOR album and fans of Russ Ballard, Joe Lynn Turner, Lou Gramm Band, etc. should check it out! Every song could be played a classic rock radio!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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