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On disc: HeavenFall

- When Darkness Fall - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

When Darkness Fall

When Darkness Fall
(self-released - 2007)

The band started in summer 2006 and as usual it took awhile to get the line-up together. The sextet decided to work with 2 singers to achieve a different sound - both powerful, but one with a rougher voice.The demo was recorded in March in their rehearsal room, but the sound quality is good. Sure, in a studio and with a producer they could have done better, but well... Partly I would have liked to have the vocals more up front...
Darkness Fall... First you hear the surf... Seagulls screaming and some melody line. Then heavy riffs accompanies the melody line and it seems that the guitar riffs answers the keyboards. The singers join in and create with their different voices a special sound. There are counter parts, sometimes one echoes the other. Cool idea! Later back to the keyboard part, only accompanied by the singers. But before the song fades out they go full speed again. But the last thing you hear is the surf....
Guitar-based is the up-tempo tune In Dark Waters. Fast riffs supported by the keyboard - which is unfortunately drowning a bit in the guitars - dominate the catchy power metal songs. And again it's the vocal part which makes the songs stick out. A catchy neckbrecker. With Old Mans Pray they kinda did an intro to Escape. You hear road sounds, someone talking, some conversation with police officer... And then the man talks again... Preaching... And Escape starts with a drum beat, keyboards and razor-sharp riffs. Speed changes, progressive elements and melodic keyboards in addition to the heavy riffs give the song an interesting touch.
The youngsters have interesting ideas and working with 2 singers this way gives them a unique sound. Sure, there are things which can be done better, but I guess it won't take long until we hear more from the sextet! And so this rating is representing the songs and the skills, not the production.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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