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On disc: Heaven & Earth

- Windows To The World - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Windows To The World

Windows To The World
(Frontiers - 2001)

First song, first impression... This sounds like modern Deep Purple (Slaves & Masters era), perhaps a little faster.... And yes, guitarist Stuart Smith who is classical trained, grow up with Deep Purple's In Rock and later met Richie Blackmore who became his mentor. Stuart founded Heaven & Earth back in 1996. At his first album be worked with different musicians incl. Richie Sambora, Kelly Hansen and Joe Lynn Turner. Looking for a more band situation he was searching band mates and soon found Richie Onori (drums). Looking for a singer they accidentally found Kelly Keeling who was in e.g. Blue Murder and MSG. Kelly's bluesy voice fitted to the music almost perfect, next Arlan Schierbaum joint Heaven & Earth. Only a bass player was missing... During the recordings they got a helping hand from Tony Franklin, Chuck Wright and some others.
To talk about the music, it's great AOR / hard rock with a bluesy touch. Always melodic, even if they play a faster tune. As usual most of the songs are about daily life & love, but Dogs Of War and Politician deal with more serious topics and proof that this kind of music is not just working with trivial words...
I can recommend the following tracks to check 'em out: Prisoner, Politician and Worlds Apart.

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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