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On disc: Heathen Beast

Ayodhya Burns - Mike Thompson - 9 stars

Ayodhya Burns

Ayodhya Burns
(self-released - 2010)

Possibly the last place you would expect to give birth to an extreme metal band is India and yet this country is fast becoming a breeding ground for top quality music. Heathen Beast is a black metal band hailing from Mumbai. Practicing Atheists, the topic of the album, in a nutshell, deals primarily with Ayodhya, a Muslim mosque that was torn down by the Hindus because they believe that the spot where the mosque was built was the birthplace of the god called RAM.
Contained within this three track EP is a collection of fast and furious extreme metal songs with a strong leaning towards black metal, in some parts akin to Keep Of Kalessin but with a far greater showing of second wave black metal, la Darkthrone. The Eastern influences present in some parts give Heathen Beast an extra something to distinguish themselves from the majority of bands in the scene.
The vocalist / guitarist Carvaka delivers the band's message with hoarse screeches that perfectly compliment the harsh guitar tone. The percussion provided by Mimamsa is crushingly relentless and the bass of Samkhya gives the music some much needed low-end power.
This is a strong EP from the Indian trio and hints at good things for the future. Its starts strongly and gets better with each song, culminating in the magnificent title track. You can download it for free from so what are you waiting for?

9 stars

Mike Thompson


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