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On disc: Heathen

Recovered - Jrg Petersen - 8 stars
The Evolution Of Chaos - Umberto Mino - 8 stars

The Evolution Of Chaos

The Evolution Of Chaos
(Mascot Records - 2010)

Another come back in this 2010! After Keel, this is the time of Heathen, great thrash bands of the glorious '80s. In that period the Bay Area bands were just amazing and Heathen were part of that scene. Only two albums Breaking The Silence and Victims Of Deception are enough to create a huge number of fans, because the songs were really cool!!! 2010 Heathen's return will be great or not? The answer is easy - and it could be only yes: Time has not change the style and the approach to music of these Bay Area guys and the result is this optical disc. Pure '80s thrash, melodies, sometimes epic, sometimes old Metallica style, every time Heathen!!!
The Evolution Of Chaos is what exactly the old fans want from Heathen: pure and simple thrash, no modern sound addiction, no bulls**t or anything else. After the usual intro, this return starts with Dying Season, and the thing I think is that is not possible that 20 years had passed by! They're still kicking ass!!! All the CD is very very nice and tracks like No Stone Unturned and Bloodkult just hit the bulls eye!!!!
If this is the beginning of this year, guys, then 2010 will be remembered as a great year for metal!!!

8 stars

Umberto Mino



(self-released - 2004)

Another Bay Area legend is back. Well, in a way they are back, coz this CD has 4 cover songs (Queen's Death On Two Legs, Thin Lizzy's Holy War, Tygers Of Pan Tang's Hellbound and Eye Of The Storm from Sweet Savage) which they recorded for an EP. The ballad In Memory Of... is sung by David White and never been released before, but tape-traders around the world made this one known in the underground. Now more then a decade later this songs got finally released. On guitar mastermind Lee Altus and the second guitar is played by Ira Black.
To make this a full-length album they added the demo versions of some classic Heathen tracks like Hypnotized and Mercy Is No Virtue. On the demos the songs were heavier and so it's interesting so hear the original version.
A must for fans of Bay Area thrash and US metal, but due to the fact that they have no distribution and that this is a limited edition you should contact the band immediately. In Germany you can get your copy through the RockHard shop. Order it now!

8 stars

Jrg Petersen
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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