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On disc: Heartland

Heartland - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars


(Yesterrock - 2011)

Heartland always was Chris Ousey's band and with the self-titled debut they hit the melodic rock scene in 1991. Back then A&M Records released the album and soon made themselves known as one of the best British melodic rock acts. Melodic rock fans looking for this rarity and so YesterRock re-released this melodic rock gem!

The opener Teach You To Dream is an earcatcher which will hook you up immediately. Steve Ousey's voice sounds a bit like Eric Martin, but musically Heartland can't be compared with Mr. Big. Even if guitarist Gary Sharp is delivering big time. Carrie Ann is another infectious tune, a song you soon will sing along. At the slower balladesque Don't Cast Your Shadow Ousey sounds even more like Mr. Martin, but it doesn't matter coz the emotional vocals are touching. And Sharpe's guitar play is perfectly matching the vocals. Rik Carter's keyboard is taking you into Real World, a bit Scandinavian melodic rock sounding, but at that was the sound of that time - and they never overdo it. Close your eyes and let Heartland carry you away with Fight Fire With Fire! Actually they keep the quality level for the whole album, so there isn't a highlight to name - pick your own highlight! It's just a matter of taste which one you pick. One of my picks would be Paper Heart...

Thanks for making this album available again! And hopefully more people discover the music of Heartland who are still active, even if by now they have a different line-up.

If you love melodic rock and don't own this album, then it's time to change this! Get it now!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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