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On disc: Heartbreak Radio

On Air - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars!/HeartbreakRadio?fref=ts

On Air

On Air
(AOR Heaven - 2013)

AOR Heaven is presenting Heartbreak Radio's new album On Air. Heartbreak Radio was a side project of Last Autumn's Dream and focused on Westcoast rock / AOR. They choose to work with different singers and this adds something to the album. A tune like Angelina reminds me a bit of Chicago... And with You Are Love the Chicago-ness is even more present, but I always loved the Chicago sound.

But you'll also get tunes like Turn On Love which are poppy, too poppy for me, but it isn't a bad tune, just not my cup of tea - even if I love the saxophone part.

Other tunes are radio-friendly, but not too poppy... Like My Heart's Just Missing You and Keep Kickin' It Back Again. The closer is slow tune with a melancholy touch and some jazzy passages, it's called You Don't Love Me Anymore.

On Air is for fans of Westcoast Rock / AOR and will make you long for warm summer days, coz it's a great soundtrack for cruising on a summer day.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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