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On disc: Head Phones President

- Crap Head - Felix Thelen - 10 stars

Crap Head

Crap Head
(Sound Ship - 2001)

Head Phones President are part of the alternative heavy rock scene in Japan and stands out due to Anza's vocals. She makes you feel the pain, but also passionate feelings. Their mix of dynamic melodies, tribal beats and the emotional vocals hit the right spot and their first single was no. 1 in the single charts. That was only the first step to success!
Their 2nd single is a real hardcore CD. The 1st song is called Crap Head and is fast and hard with lyrics in English and Japanese - real cool mixture. Its noisy and invite to banging your head. Influence of rock and metal scenes.
Second one is called Room - slowly and quiet at beginning sounds crazy with this female voice. I was surprised myself, it sounds very good. Because it's no ballad, there a lot of hard sounds, but the vocals are still calm. At the end of song its again real hardcore!!
The last song is called Shit Now. But this song is no shit at all! Its good to listen with cool guitar riffs and drums, perfect. The voice sounds distort and blow you away!!
Just regards!!

10 stars

Felix Thelen
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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