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On disc: Headhunter

- Parasite Of Society - Claudia Ehrhardt - 5 stars

Parasite Of Society

Parasite Of Society
(AFM Records - 2008)

Headhunter are back! Schmier started the band in 1990 and within the next 5-6 years they released 3 albums and played some shows. Then Headhunter broke up.
The first seconds you hear a variation of well-known The 3rd Man theme with the zither - an intro. But then they kick off with the title track Parasite Of Society. Fast riffs and hammering drums. Thrashy power metal with some aggression... A bit more melodic is Silverskull which reminds me a bit of... Well, the refrain is somehow Primal Fear-ish... Even if musically closer to Annihilator... At least that's what I have to think of while listening. For Remission they slow down even more.... Fat melodic riffs combined with slightly mean vocals... Later they speed up and get quite heavy. But it's the vocals I don't get into... Something in his voice is annoying me... When I read the track list I hoped that 18 And Life isn't a cover of Skid Row's classic, but unfortunately it is. And in my opinion the song lost all its charm! Not really a highlight, but one of the better ones is The Calling...
It's not just the vocals - which is just a matter of taste -, it seems to me that they don't know where to head to... Sorry, not my cup of tea!

5 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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