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On disc: Hatred

Destruction Manual - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Destruction Manual

Destruction Manual
(SAOL - 2010)

German thrashers Hatred played at Dubai's Desert Rock festival and their song We Are The Mosh Crew won the Brütal Legend Song contest and became the official theme song.
Now their 4th album Destruction Manual is in stores and fans of American old school thrash metal shouldn't wait to check it out!
The opener United is showing the way, a straight forward thrasher incl. gang shouts. At Ratter Of Hell they will surprise you with a slow, melodic passage, but they also offer thrashy riffs, gang shouts and growls!
Black Sun Prophecy kicks off mid-paced, but then they storm off. With Moshpit Ritual and Porkers Revenge they present more neckbreakers. An atmospheric opening leads you slowly into Submission Of The Uncontrolled, but still a rocker. For Speak Of The Devil they speed up again, the memorable riffing makes this tune a highlight of Destruction Manual. Metal Bastards will be one of the highlights at every live show as it invites you to party and to sing / shout along. The closer Smash 'em is a heavy thrasher which is spiced up with some powerful clean vocals. Good idea. Actually Hatred offer some variety which makes it quite entertaining to listen to Destruction Manual. Especially Frank Schmauser and Martin Köth guitar play makes them differ from other thrash bands. I would like to see Hatred on tour... But I guess that's just a matter of time.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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