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On disc: Hard Riot

Living On A Fast Lane - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Living On A Fast Lane

Living On A Fast Lane
(Pitch Black Records - 2012)

Hard Riot is a German band formed in 2006, already reached many fans because of their rock'n'roll style that appeals to the heart of their fans. Now their debut CD is here, musical content of rock songs that are done in a simple and listenable manner, great guitar elements from guitarist Andreas Rockrohr. The trick that Hard Riot is doing, is simply to take influence from many great rock bands, their sound, and put short glimpses of it, into the songs that Hard Riot are putting their own personal stamp on. That is not so hard, and it works fantastic the way Hard Riot are performing it. Get Ready is the opener of this album, melodic hard rock played very simple and safe to make it as pure as they can. Hellfire Rock is solid double ground rhythm and when Bryan Adams, AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen etc. can do the rock sound, when why not let Hard Riot increase the tempo a little and do their own version of it. No Surrender has aggressive and melodic structure, and here the vocalist Michael Gildner hits the spot with a voice that troubles him from time, but on No Surrender the voice holds. Tears In The Rain is the typical sound that was successful in the 80's with booster effects and heavy aspects in the rhythm for this rocker. Take Me Down has a lot of creativity and is one of the better rock songs on their debut album. Rock'n'Roll Outlaw finishes the CD with the last impression of this new band and their music. Good and solid rock music, the songs are not so long, and basically they are made from the same type of material, but on the positive side there very much quality in the attitude and creative skills from Hard Riot. They are playing rock and metal in the 80's style, and they are doing it very good.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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