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On disc: Handful Of Hate

You Will Bleed - Lars Björn - 6 stars

You Will Bleed

You Will Bleed
(Cruz del Sur - 2009)

Handful Of Hate from Italy comes with a new release to re-activate their career. Last time we heard from them was in 2003 with the album Vicecrown. The black metal band had made a decision to deactivate the band by 2007, and make a final tour where they also would sell all their merchandise cheaply. But somehow they decided to continue, now they are releasing their new album You Will Bleed. The line-up is Nicola ( vocals, guitar), Deimos (guitar), Nicholas (bass) and Andrea (drums).
They had made a brilliant production, the CD has 9 songs each with Nicola's intense growling from the grave, even though he in the title track You Will Bleed speaks softly like in a prayer. The tempo is super speedy like there was no tomorrow, only in the song Earthly and Crawling they take it more slowly. The two best songs of the album is Bliss Between Thorns and The March Of Hate.
If you want some intense headbanging, this CD is the right choice. 9 songs of power and persistence.

6 stars

Lars Björn


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