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On disc: Haemoth

In Nomine Odium - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

In Nomine Odium

In Nomine Odium
(Debemur Morti Productions - 2011)

The French artist Haemoth handles guitars and bass as well as the vocal, Syth helps with the drums. Many demos and EPs plus two full-length records is their productions from 1998 until now, their latest work was released late in 2011, it is hateful and black, goes for the throat and rips up everything if you don't take care of yourself. In Nomine Odium has a nice intro simply called Odium where they give inspiration for the rest of their material. Next up is Slaying The Blind where the attacking is so forceful that you almost gets blown off your chair. Black metal with lots of power and good songwriting. Their topics are Satanism and occultism, and Demonik Omniscience is in the better end of the black world with brutal attacks filled with good and controlled tempo leaving good evidence of their skills. Haemoth is serious in his new records after being without new material for the latest 6 years. Spiritual Pestilence puts the tongue out and gives the finger to anyone who dares criticize them for their believes. Well-structured and fast black metal that kicks and attacks with total control. Disgrace has a melodic and angry music line to continue the great power they put into their songs. The two last songs Son Of The Black Light and the conquering And Then Came The Decease underlines that they are back in the front position with massive and fast black metal attacks, great quality elements poisoned all through their ideas. A must have album for the black fans, because this is so black and too good to miss.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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