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On disc: Hacavitz

Metzli Obscura - Mike Thompson - 7 stars

Metzli Obscura

Metzli Obscura
(Moribund Records - 2010)

Hacavitz are the first Mexican band I've ever heard and what a way to be introduced to a country's metal scene! This band plays raw blackened death metal in the vein of Aussie legends Destr÷yer 666. The two full members of this band also play in cult Singapore-based band Impiety. The pedigree is there, then, for some top class blackened death metal.
Well, the first thing to say about his album is damn its quiet! I had to crank the volume up a few notches to hear it! That being said, once the sound was at an appropriate level from brain-cell butchering this album delivered on its promise! Make no mistake, this is pure, unadulterated extreme metal designed solely to cause untold agony in your neck following extended, frenetic headbanging!
Ok, the songs may not be quite as good as the likes of Adorior or the aforementioned D-666 and Impiety but they are still strong songs. The musicianship is tight, the sound raw and yet bassy, and the vocals, whilst not particularly high in the mix, do the job.
If you're a fan of this sub-genre or if you're just looking for something fast and raw played by guys who don't look like pandas then I recommend you check out !

7 stars

Mike Thompson


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