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In Words: Geff

- Ralf Jedestedt & Göran Edman - Aug. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Ralf Jedestedt
© Geff

Ralf Jedestedt & Göran Edman - Aug. 10th 2009 (by email)

Geff is another band from Sweden with Göran Edman singing, that's what some might think... Time to take a look behind the scene. I expected Ralf to answer the interview, but it's great that Göran also took part, so some questions I asked about Edman's involvement are answered by the sings himself. Thanks to Ralf and Göran for answering my questions!

When did you initially thought to start what then became Geff?

Ralf: In the middle of the 90's.

Why did you choose the name Geff? What does it mean to you?

Ralf: It doesn't mean anything, it's just a name.

Usually a line-up like this raises expectations... Have you ever been worried about this?

Ralf: No.

How did you get the others involved? Some are long time friends, did they helped you completing the line-up?

Ralf: Yes, I asked Anders to call Göran, and Göran to call Mats.

Have the songs for Land Of The Free been gathered over a longer period? Have there been demos you have overdone with Göran Edman?

Göran: I received instrumental demos of the songs at an early stage, so I could figure out the melody, background vocal arrangements and lyrics. There where no directions given. Total artistic freedom.

How important was Edman's involvement to give the songs the final touch?

Göran: The melody with the lyric is at least 50% of the song, so I assume my work was essential for the songs and there final touch.

Where is the land of the free for you? Or is it a fictional place? A state of mind?

Göran: The lyric for The Land Of The Free and the idea behind it refers to a modern civilisation on a path leading to it’s extinction Its alienation to the environment that provides it with what is needed in biologic terms and its destructive manners to the ecological systems around it. Profit is the only value considered.
Land Of The Free is an irony.

What's the idea behind Pennywise And Poundfoolish?

Göran: It's about... poor judgement and making foolish decisions for yourself and your family. Not seeing the big picture.

And which artists impressed you as a kind and triggered of the wish to become a musician?

Ralf: My sister had a record with Deep Purple Made in Japan. I think my musical interest start after that.

You are already writing new songs, right?

Ralf: Yes!

Will the cooperation change the sound? Or did the others had so much influence on the songs of Land Of The Free that we won't hear a difference?

Göran: 'The others' had so much influence, so you won't hear the difference.

Is Geff a studio band? Or will we see you live on stage one day?

Ralf: Geff is not a studio band, and hopefully we are on stage some day.

What's on your schedule next?

Ralf: Recording new songs!

So Geff are willing to proof that they are a band and this isn't a one-album-cooperation. And that they want to play live!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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