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In Words: Grand Magus

- Sebastian 'Seb' Sippola - Nov. 2010 - C. Ehrhardt & G. Schmitz -

Grand Magus
© Grand Magus

Sebastian 'Seb' Sippola - Noveember 30th 2010 - Düsseldorf

The Swedish band Grand Magus is touring a lot to promote their new album Hammer Of The North. They just came from a short tour in the UK and it was the first day of their tour with Doro and Motörhead.
As Grand Magus were the opening band they hadn't much stage time and not everybody had arrived in time - partly due to the bad weather conditions. The trio entered the stage and it was almost like a travel back in time... Like being back to the 80's. They focused on Hammer Of The North, but also found time for some old tunes. They delivered a very solid performance and I guess they won over some fans. If you missed them this time around, then you'll get the chance in 2011 - as drummer Sebastian 'Seb' Sippola told us in the afternoon when we met for a little chit-chat.

You can listen to our conversation here!

Claudia Ehrhardt & Gisela Schmitz


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