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On stage: Great White

- Great White - Apr. 2000 - Vosselaar (B) -
- Bang-Your-Head - June 2008 - Balingen (D) -

Great White - April, 21st 2000 - Vosselaar (B), Biebob

Last year I saw Great White when they toured Germany and it was a great show. So I don't want to miss them this time. Due to the cancellation of the dates in February, I got into problems this time... No possibility to see them in Germany for me! But hey, Vosselaar is not far and the Biebob is one of my favorite Belgium clubs! So I drove to Vosselaar on Holy Friday.
When I arrived at 6 p.m. a few fans already gathered in front of the venue, but no one seems to know if they have an opening act... Okay, let's wait and see. In the meantime I talked to Paul, the tour manager and he said that I can talk to Jack Russell after the show which I really appreciate. Show time was schedules for 9 p.m. and at that time the venue was really crowded with fans from Belgium, Holland and also Germany!
Great White liveEveryone was excited to see Great White with their new guitarist and when the band entered the stage, it just took seconds to conquer the audience. The band and the fans rocked from the first tune! A mixture of old and new stuff they wanted to present. When the band started the 2nd song everyone seems to sing the words and Jack and his band were blown away. They haven't expected something like that! Old tunes like Rock Me or Twice Shy beside new stuff like Rollin' Stoned, Gone To The Dogs and Wooden Jesus which they played as an encore. Too many good songs to play and not enough time..... I missed a few tracks from Can't Get There From Here like Sister Mary or Loveless Age. Maybe it was a surprise, but the fans went crazy with new guitarist ....! When Matt Johnson started playing Voodoo Child, he rocked the house! He's also a decent singer! Great White liveDuring the whole set it seemed that the band is liberated from... Whatever! The new line-up offered a more energetic show than last time. Matt Johnson brought freshness into the band. It was amazing how Matt Johnson played the songs and it was obvious that they enjoyed every second. For me it looked like Jack Russell and Michael Lardie are the mainmen and work together better than ever.
When the band left after 90 min. the fans still shouted for more, but now they have to wait until they return to the European stages... Later this year they'll come back, don't miss them, if you like a good rock show.

Claudia Ehrhardt

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