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On stage: Gorefest

- Gorefest, Forbidden & Warpath - Nov. 1994 - Dortmund (D) -

Gorefest, Forbidden & Warpath - Nov., 14th 1994 - Dortmund (D), Live Station

About 400 trash metal fans were at the Live Station in Dortmund to see this package and I think nobody regret it afterwards!
When the opening band Warpath from Hamburg were playing the front of the stage became a mosh pit! The songs of the Hanseatic sound harder and rougher live than on the album. The small stage didn't gave much space for stage acting, but they have a certain stage presense. They had a line-up change, but the newbie on the six-strings Michi fits almost perfectly into the band. A decent show and the future will show, if their album Against Everyone will sell and if they'll have success with their music.
I have to confess that I was there to see Forbidden! Long time no hear, but now the Americans are back with a new output called Distortion and which was promising... Will the band be able to fulfill the expectations? Probably there are fans who don't know that the Bay Area boys were and still are one of the hottest live acts of this genre! The Californians played with heart and soul! The audience went crazy! The guitarists Craig Locicero and Tim Calvert were always in motion and offered screaming guitars, excellent solos and their companions didn't stand still as well. Drummer Steven Jacobs who just joined the bunch showed his talent, but always in a supportive way. Brilliant was singer Russ Anderson while singing songs like Distortion, One Foot In Hell, Twisted Into Form, Rape, Wake Up or No Reason. He was outstanding! The boys enjoyed to be on stage after being off for such a long break. A successful experience for the American quintet.
A challenge for the Dutch Gorefest to top this and the band partly managed to keep the high quality level of Forbidden. The band of Jan-Chris was more aggressive and agile then ever. Have they learnt from Forbidden on this tour? Gorefest changed their performance, their stage presents... Whatever was the reason for this change, it was a good decision! Most of songs were from their latest release Erase and the Dutch added State Of Mind, Reality Is When You Die, Get A Life, From Ignorance To Oblivion (from the predecessor False) and Confessions Of Serial Killers from their debut album. I have to criticize the short set, coz as one of the best death metal bands and with 3 albums released, they should have played longer! A great night for the fans, nevertheless Warpath and Forbidden made this a night to remember.

Claudia Ehrhardt

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