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On stage: Gods Will Be Done

- Gods Will Be Done - May 2009 - Paderborn (D) -

- Gods Will Be Done -
- May 2nd 2009 - Paderborn (D), Frühlingsfest -

After the listening session we got the chance to see the band live on stage. Paderborn had a spring festival this weekend and so there was a chance to see bands playing for free. Due to the free admission a lot fans showed up tonight.
Gods Will Be DoneA mixed audience od metal heads, HC fans and punks as well as some curious people came out to witness Gods Will Be Done delivering a thrash attack. And the guys proofed that live they are as aggressive and powerful as on disc. They were showing playfulness and were always in action and so they easily moved the people. At the beginning the audience was a bit cautious, but with song #3 the party started! It seemed that everybody was in motion... headbanging, moshing, whatever and shouter Gulle cheered up the audience to keep going. And every song was celebrated, no matter if it was off the demo or their upcoming album The Book Of Blood. It was obvious that the band play live a lot, they were tight and showed off their skills.Gods Will Be Done Additionally bassist Holger, guitarist Adam and drummer Weiland played together in Greed, a neo-thrash band who also been known as a hot live act. The band played almost the whole new album, only Last Confession wasn't played. Therefore they played the aggressive thrasher High On Hate off their demo. They finished their set with a Pantera cover and then it was time to leave the stage. The people were shouting for more, the band was satisfied and sweated.
Thumbs up! I can only recommend you to catch them live, coz they delivered one of the most intense live performances I've ever seen!

Carsten Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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