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On stage: Girlschool

- W.O.A. - Aug. 1999 - Wacken (D) -
- Girlschool, Benedictum & V8 Wankers - Oct. 2008 - Bochum (D) -

- Girlschool, Benedictum & V8 Wankers -
- Oct. 20th 2008 - Bochum (D), Zeche -

Monday night isn't the best time to play, but the British ladies of Girlschool are out to promote Legacy - their 30th anniversary album - which will be in the stores these days.
When V8 Wankers entered the stage only a few fans had arrived and so the punk'n'roll band had to play for about 60-70 people. I missed the beginning of their show due to an interview with Kim McAuliffe and Enid Williams. The first song I heard was Eier aus Stahl, a German version of Detroit Steel which shall be on the coming German album. Somehow singer Lutz Vegas sounded to like a heavy metal version Marius Müller-Westernhagen... They continued with This One Is For You Baby, a bit later they introduced the band and everybody gets a few minutes for soloing. And with Wankers Without A Cause they finished their set.
Benedictum: Veronica FreemannAfter a quick change over it was time for San Diego rockers Benedictum. The opener was 2 Steps To The Sun. Singer Veronica Freeman tried to entertain the fans who got closer to the stage. During the change over more fans arrived and so more people gathered in front of the stage. Guitarist Pete Wells and bassist Chris Shrum always been in action and so not just supported Veronica musically. Songs like Bare Bones and Legacy sounded good live, especially the guitar solo at Legacy, but somehow their sound didn't get me. The only other song I remember is Misogyny... But they played 3 more during their energetic show...
Girlschool: Jackie ChambersEven more fans had arrived in time for Girlschool! The fantastic four entered the stage and started to rock the house with C'mon Let's Go! They were in a splendid mood and it was obvious that they enjoyed being on stage. After 2 old ones they presented the first new track off Legacy with I Spy. Bassist Enid Williams sang that one and live it convinced me, while on the disc it was just a decent one for me. And Enid and the girls continued with Spend Spend Spend. Especially guitarist Jackie Chambers was always in action. After a short dialogue between Jackie and Kim McAuliffe they headed into Screaming Blue Murder! After this one there was a little break, Jackie shouting "Technical break!", coz there was some problem with Denis Dufort's drums. "Do you know what we call Denise?" Jackie asked the audience, but as nobody answered she continued "Denise, the drum slayer!" After that was fixed they head into Future Flash, another old one. But then it was time for some new stuff and at The Other Side Kim and Jackie shared vocal duties - after Kim announced "This one is especially for Kelly Johnson!". Girlschool: Kim McAuliffeThe song has a special atmosphere and is touching. With Everything's The Same they presented another tune from Legacy. Towards the end of their set the girls played Demolition and Emergency - the later sung by Enid. The girls thanked everybody for coming out at a Monday night. The fans wanted more and the girls came back. First Denis was back and asked "Do you really want more?" And the fans loudly demanded more. Enid started into Yeah Right afterwards Kim announced "We now play our very, very first single ever!" and kicked off Take It All The Way. During the song Jackie Chambers took her mic stand and let the fans sing the chorus. They love playing live and I guess they would have played a few more tunes, but the venue has a strict curfew and so it was over.
I can only recommend to see them when they play somewhere near you or at a festival. The ladies celebrate their 30th anniversary this year and they are still alive and kicking! Kudos!

Claudia Ehrhardt

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