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On disc: Guillotine

Blood Money - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Blood Money

Blood Money
(Pulverized Records - 2008)

In 1997 Nocturnal Rites played in Hamburg and I had a chat with the guys, later Fredrik gave me a copy of Guillotine's Under The Guillotine for my radio show. Nocturnal Rites were quite busy the following years, but finally guitarist Fredrick Mannberg and bassist Nils Eriksson found time to record another thrash album - Blood Money. For the recording of Blood Money they recruited Persuader's Daniel Sundborn and Efraim Juntunen.
The album kicks off with a scream of frontman Fredrick Mannberg, then they speed off! Fast drumming, heavy riffs and powerful vocals you get at Insane Oppression. But beside fast razor-sharp riffs you get some cool leads. Quite cool! With Rebellion they show that the same ingredients can be used differently. A powerful one is Insanity which through the distorted vocals in the beginning reminds me a bit of Megadeth, but a bit more aggressive and raw. A bit mean is Liar, and one of my faves at Blood Money. With Madness they offer an instrumental - and show a different facet. More a short interlude, then a song. Another highlight is the following Dying World which isn't hyperfast, but comes over you with power and a heavy punch. Especially the guitar work makes Welcome To Dying (Death, Destruction & Pain) stick out, but all songs show their craftsmanship!
Fredrik is a huge fan of Kreator and you can hear that he is influenced by them, but also by some Bay Area thrashers. The cover is done by Ed Repka and it fits perfectly to the album title. For thrash fans this is a real treat. Guillotine is on their way to thrash the world! Be aware!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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