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On disc: Guano Apes

- Walking On A Thin Line - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Walking On A Thin Line

Walking On A Thin Line
(Supersonic - 2003)

In 1997 the German youngsters took Europe by storm with Proud Like A God. A band which was based in the crossover genre, but always tried to go different ways. Don't Give Me Names was the follow-up in 2000. Again they surprised their fans and the critics like they did already with the variety of the debut.
Constantly played at the clubs and on MTV and other music TV channels the band took the step to America and successful supported P.O.D. and Creed there. The year 2002 was dedicated to write songs and record them. This time it's more rock. On the predecessor were crossover tracks, ballads and songs with funk and punk roots. Still the band of singer Sandra Nasic offers a different melange. More mature. More homogenous then before. Partly pop rock like Pretty In Scarlet, a very emotional pop song with heavy guitar riffing of Henning Rümenapp who also played on 2 songs of German rocker Herbert Grönemeyer's current release which is called Mensch. Diokhan brings back the noisy guitars, pounding bass and hammering drums, a crossover track which fits to their other crossover hits. Walking On A Thin Line is a line from Kiss The Dawn and documents what the quartet does. They are walking on a thin - musical - line, but fans and critics love them for this walk on the edge. Another milestone in the career of Guano Apes!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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