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On disc: Grimmstine

Grimmstine - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Metal Heaven - 2009)

Grimmstine is a new band project, but singer Steve Grimmett is well-known by metal fans as he was the voice of Grim Reaper and Lionsheart. He also sang on Onslaught's In Search Of Sanity. He teamed up with American guitarist Steve Stine - and now you know why they names Grimmstine. The rhythm section of Sons Of Poseidon joined them.
After the intro Memory they head into 911, a heavy rocker with sharp riffs and the unique vocals of Steve Grimmett. The opening song combines hard rock passages with heavy bass riffs with more metal-like parts. Stine's guitar solo shows reminiscences to neo-classical metal. A powerful track. Supernatural sounds like a 80's heavy metal spiced up with some catchy vocal line. Mr. Grimmett sounds a bit like Biff Byford at this one... At To Catch A Killer you get some Maiden-esque bass riffing, at the beginning the song has a slight Whitesnake touch - but then gets heavier, more metal. The ballad You'll Never Know opens with some acoustic guitar which reminds me a bit of MSG's acoustic album... Then the others join in and it becomes a powerful, emotional ballad. With the up-tempo rocker It's Over they get heavy again. The song sticks out due to the guitar play and the progressive edge combined with a catchy chorus. After the fast Prisoner they offer a hard rock-based tune called You Give Me Love. This one might have got quite some airplay in the early 90's... A but Dio-like is Straight As An Arrow. Quite Whitesnake-ish sounds This Don't Look Like Love To Me, a bluesy hard rock tune. The guitar play reminds me of Moody/Marsden... Very cool!
It might seems that this album has no originality, but that ain't true! It's just that you can hear reminiscences to some bands. But due to Steve Grimmett's unique voice and Steve Stines distinguish guitar play Grimmstine have their own sound. Some songs are more melodic heavy metal while others are hard rock-based. Genre fans should check them out!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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