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On disc: Grim Force

- Circulation To Conclusion - Hitomi Iwai - 7 stars

Circulation To Conclusion

Circulation To Conclusion
(World Chaos - 2002)

Here is the debut album of Grim Force from Japan (released in the fall of 2K in Japan). This band were the 3-piece band when they recorded this CD. But after a few member-change things happened, the master of Grim Force Hiroyuki Nakabayashi (voc; gui) and a female member Sonoe Takahata (bs) successfully got two great musicians Eddie Van Koide (gui) & Naoya Hamaii (dr). Hiroyuki has played these two guys in Ritual Carnage for a short term (Eddie played the guitar for this album as the special guest before he joined this band). The music that they called 'Violent Thrash Metal', has the straight-thrashy riffs with the bold powerful voice. Their rhythm, the pattern-changes and riffs remind me of the bands' in the Bay Area thrash period. Actually it seems they have some Testament elements. Unfortunately the production is not good enough due to the quite limited recording term. Nevertheless, you'll catch full of their fresh passion towards metal, thru their music packed on this CD. I heard their sound turned into much tighter and heavier on live because of Eddie and Naoya's skilled instrumental works, which they got in their Ritual Carnage days. So, I guess today's Grim Force may be more powerful than them on this album.
These days Japanese metal bands have more chances to play outside of Japan as comparing to the past, such as Defield, Sigh, Yellow Machinegun, etc. These cases show there's no doubt that Japanese metal bands' qualities are glowing up and getting closer to the world-wide quality. I personally think they Grim Force will join the group soon...

7 stars

Hitomi Iwait


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