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On disc: Griftegård

Solemn.Sacred.Severe - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars


(Ván Records - 2009)

The Swedish band Griftegård is presenting their first full-length album called Solemn.Sacred.Severe! The follow the tradition of Swedish doom and offer some ultra-heavy tunes. The guys from Norrköping kick off with Charles Taze Russell, a more then 9 minute long opus. A strong point for the quintet is singer Thomas Eriksson who has power and emotion in his voice. Some of the songs - like the opener - some might know from their demo CD Psalm Bok and who knows the demo CD won't be surprised by the doomsters. The quintet didn't rush things and so they released their first demo in 2007 - Psalm Bok, but the band was already founded in 2004. Punishment & Ordeal has a repetitive riff, but Eriksson's vocals save them for becoming boring - and then the song changes a bit. Noah's Hand begins with organ and a choir. Solemn. Sacred. Just great! The closer Drunk With Wormwood's first half is only acoustic guitar and vocals, then they 'explode' and add some heaviness. A sad doom tune.
The guys from Sweden present a very strong debut which I recommend to all doom fans! Fans of Candlemass and even Solitude Aeturnus should dig Solemn.Sacred.Severe!Check them out at their MySpace!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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