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On disc: Green Lizard

- Identity - Amir Djawadi - 5 stars


(Double T Music - 2000)

The quintet Green Lizard made it, at least to support The Gathering on the coming tour. Quiet a success, coz The Gathering are the most successful music export from the Netherlands!
The Dutch Green Lizard now release their current album Identity. The black & white digi-pack offers 12 songs with a running time of more then 50 minutes. The album was recorded at ICP Recording Studios in Brussels, Belgium with producer Cliff Norrell who also engineered and mixed the album. But what can we expect from this disc? The vocals of Remi are partly angry and aggressive, then more melancholy. The guitars of Willy and Brian are sometime right in the front, sometimes step back a little. The bass is played by Jay and on the skins Roela can be found. The opener Gone is a catchy rock tune while songs like Your Best Friend is starting more slowly, but partly they speed up again... At least for awhile. With Requiem II they rock again. They found the right balance between speed and hardness.
An album which is bring back the good mood, when you are down and I can imagine that they really rock live....
Okay, Green LizardD can't offer something completely new, but who can these days? I'm curious how the fans of The Gatheirng will react when they see them supporting. Wait and see.... And listen, if you bought the CD.... ;-)

5 stars

Amir Djawadi
Claudia Ehrhardt


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