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On disc: Great White

Sail Away - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars
Can't Get There From Here - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars
Thank You...Goodnight! - Claudia Ehrhardt - 10 stars
Rising - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars
Elation - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars
30 Years - Live From The Sunset Strip - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars
Ready Of Rock'n'Roll - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Ready For Rock'n'Roll

Ready For Rock'n'Roll
(Collectors Dream Records - 2013)

This isn't the new Great White album, it's a kind of re-release of Great White's 2002 cover album Recover. The Recover album as well as some releases with different titles aren't easy to get hold on, so some fans might welcome to easily get this release now.

The Collectors Dream Records version kicks off with AC/DC's Sin City - and I think it's a good choice to get into the album. For some hard rock fans it might be first contact with Q5 via Great White's cover of Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady.... The medley of Rolling Stones and Foreigner tunes is called Bitches And Other Women - and it's a cool one! It's a nice collection of cover tunes incl. Dr. Feelgood's Down At The Doctor's and it's fun from A to Z. Especially as Great White recorded - in 1989 - cover versions you don't find on every cover album.

I think fans of Great White who don't have Recover - or one copy of the other named versions - in their collection shouldn't hesitate to get a copy of this release!

Track listing:

Sin City (AC/DC cover)
Love Removal Machine (The Cult cover)
Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady (Q5 cover)
Ready For Love (Mott The Hoople cover)
Bitches And Other Women (Rolling Stones / Foreigner medley)
Again And Again (Status Quo cover)
Down At The Doctor's (Dr. Feelgood cover)
Tangled Up In Blue (Bob Dylan cover)
Burning House Of Love (X cover)
Fire And Water (Free cover)
No Matter What (Badfinger cover)
Lady Love (Robin Trower cover)

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


30 Years - Live From The Sunset Strip

30 Years - Live From The Sunset Strip
(Frontiers Records - 2013)

Great White started more than 30 years ago, at the Key Club at the Sunset Strip they recorded a live show to celebrate their 30th anniversary. And so it's a sonic ride through their career, even if every Great White fan will miss one or the other track... And for me as a long time fan of Great White it's still a bit strange to hear another singer than Jack Russell, but I should add that I'm still listening to XYZ and always liked their singer Terry Ilous, so it's not because of him - just I'm used to hear someone else. At the other hand Great White have released a few live albums and so the new line-up make it more interesting - in a way. It seems the band and the audience had a good time...

At the end of the day you have to make up your mind, if you want this live album, but actually I think it's a good choice to get an idea of the 'new' Great White live and undoubtedly the guys did a good job!

Track listing:

Desert Moon
Lady Red Light
Face The Day
House Of Broken Love
Save Your Love
Mista Bone
The Big Goodbye
Back To The Rhythm
Rock Me
Can't Shake It
Once Bitten Twice Shy

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt



(Frontiers Records - 2012)

Great White is around for more then 3 decades and they always stick to their guns. Even if they have a new singer this is Great White and they sound great!

A bluesy rocker is the opener (I've Got) Something For You, but when the vocals set in you realize this isn't Great White as you know them. Singer Jack Russell had some health issues which forced him to step back for a time and the guys did scheduled shows with XYZ singer Terry Ilous who is now fronting Great White. Jack Russell founded his own incarnation of Great White - his former band mates aren't amused...

Terry Ilous is doing a good job, but it's always difficult to replace a long time frontman... Songs like Feelin' So Much Better could have been on any Great White album which was released in the last decade or two. Great White always been true to themselves in their 30+ years. At this song you also hear a bit of XYZ in the vocals - and that's cool, coz it shows that Ilous doesn't try to sound like Jack Russell. The bluesy rocker Love Train is a beautiful tune which shows once more that guitarist Mark Kendall is one of the most underrated guitarists. The backing vocals remind me a bit of Mr. Big, but that's fine with me. Especially at Heart Of A Man I was imagine who this one would sound when Mr. Russell is singing it... But just because I'm so used to hear him sing Great White songs, coz I got into them with the debut album! On the other hand I really dig XYZ's debut - and the follow-up Hungry -, so it's not about quality! The slow Hard To Say Goodbye doesn't really get me, but with the faster Resolution they hook me up again. Songs like Shotgun Willie's are good time rock with a bluesy edge - just the way we all know Great White! The slow rocker Promise Land has a sad note, but it's beautiful in its way. Quite heavy is Lowdown, and it sticks out a bit. With Love Is Enough you get a ballad which starts with a piano intro, but then the guitars take over. At this one the difference between Russell and Ilous is most audible and to be honest I love the way Ilous sings this one. And Mark Kendall's great guitar play make this one even better, he let his guitar sing! The closer is a real rocker called Complicated! Sounds a bit like early AC/DC... Live this will be fun!

It might take a few more spins to fall in love with Elation, coz you need to get used to a new singer, but even Jack Russell fans have to admit that this a great album. If you love the Great White sound, then their latest effort won't disappoint you! Well done!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


(Frontiers - 2009)

The band of singer Jack Russell and guitarist Mark Kendall is around for 3 decades, even if they took a break after the tragical fire at The Station (West Warwick, Rhode Island, USA) in 2003. About a hundred died including Great White guitarist Ty Longley. In 2006 they got together again and 2007 they presented Back To The Rhythm. Their latest piece of work is called Rising and it kicks off with Situation. The song begins slowly with acoustic guitar and becomes a bluesy heavy rocker with a catchy hook. The tune reminds me a bit off Can't Get There From Here... The follower is called All Or Nothin' - a heavy rocker with a stomping beat and a slight boogie vibe. The backings take off the heaviness a bit, but this one is showing Great White they way their fans love them. They show themselves a slightly different with I Don't Mind - a balladesque track with emotional vocals. Shine starts as a straight rocker, but then they slow down and later they return to rock. A bluesy rocker is Last Chance with organ, slide guitar and emotional vocals. They are back to rock with Danger Zone! It seems that the old party rock is back, but even if they rock this one has a different atmosphere. Especially the spoken word part sticks out, but makes the song more interesting. Another boogie rocker is Down On The Level, but with heavy riffs! With organ kicks off My Sanctuary - another slow, bluesy track. Too many slow tunes in my opinion, they should rock a bit more. And the Rolling Stones cover Let's Spend The Night Together is a bit lame... I miss the power... The Stones version has an aggressive edge, is more dirty rock... Great White's interpretation is more a happy melodic rocker... And is closer to some Beatles track then to the Stones...

Great White is back, but the tragedy changed them. They seem to be more mature... And the songs need time to grow, in the past some of their rockers hooked you up immediately with their positive vibe and catchy sound. This time they are a bit darker somehow... But there is a spark of hope. The album needs a few spins to grow, but if you give them time then you'll fall in love with them. No party rock, but songs with great melodies and a dash of melancholy... Bluesy heavy rock - and if you liked that side of Great White, then this is a real treat for you!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt

Thank You... Goodnight!

Thank You... Goodnight!
(Ulftone Music - 2002)

It was a shock for the fans of Great White when first rumors were floating around that the band will break up. On New Years Eve 2001 they played their final show in Santa Ana, California in front of 7,000 fans. Luckily the band decided to ban this last performance on tape and so everybody can hear their last concert on CD which is called Thank You...Goodnight! This show was amazing, perhaps because this should be the last one which was special in many ways.... The band of singer Jack Russell was closing a chapter, the chapter of Great White after 23 years. A melancholy moment for the band and their fans.
Anyway, the track list contained all their hits and 2 songs which never been played live (see track list below). But who knows, perhaps they one day will return... This documentation of their last show is a must for their fans and every fan of rock / hard rock of the 80's and 90's! A great live album; now we just miss a video or DVD of it.... Anyway, go and get your copy!

  1. Desert Moon
  2. Old Rose Motel
  3. Face The Day
  4. On Your Knees
  5. House Of Broken Love
  6. Back On The Rhythm
  7. Save Your Love
  8. Play On
  9. Mistabone
  10. Rock Me
  11. Call It Rock'n'Roll
  12. Can't Shake It
  13. Once Bitten Twice Shy
To quote the booklet:
The shark swims off into the distance, leave the memories behind...
Thank you - Goodnight!

10 stars


Can't Get There From Here

Can't Get There From Here
(Portrait Records - 1999)

Last May the band visited Europe after more than 10 years without an album to present! Now the latest release Can't Get There From Here is in the stores. Another blues rock shark attack...... Songs like Wooden Jesus or Saint Lorraine are ear-catchers and you'll sing-along after listening to them the first time. Jack Russell and his band mates do the same old stuff like ever, but.... Better than ever! What's the difference? This album is produced by Jack Blades who is know by his work with the Damn Yankees and Nightranger. Is that the difference? Perhaps it's just being around for such a long time doing the same old stuff... Who knows... I don't care! Great White are still around, no comeback..... This album is nothing new.... But good time rock'n'roll! And in the tradition of this kind of music the lyrics deal with every day life... Personal experiences... Great music!

9 stars


Sail Away

Sail Away
(Zoo Entertainment - 1994)

Starting with an acoustic guitar intro the band opens the album Sail Away which shows the acoustic side of the bluesy hard rockers. Partly very soft, partly rocking, but always featuring the bluesy voice of singer Jack Russell which the track Cryin' shows. The song Mama Don't Stop is a good example for the more rocking tracks on this album. A groovy rock track which this time features guitarist Mark Kendall, but also gives second guitarist / keyboarder Michael Lardie, bassist Teddy Cook and drummer Audie Desbrow. A highlight for me is Alone, Gone With The Wind and the title track Sail Away.
If you should get the chance to grab the limited edition with a bonus CD, then buy it! The bonus CD offers a concert of Great White which was recorded on July, 23rd 1993 in Anaheim. The album offers 7 tracks including All Over Now, Rock Me and Once Bitten Twice Shy. And shows the atmosphere at a Great White show pretty good.

7 stars


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