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On disc: Gravewürm

Infernal Minions - Lars Bjørn - 3 stars

Infernal Minions

Infernal Minions
(Hells Headbangers Records - 2013)

It is album number 9 from experienced Gravewürm to their fans. The frontman of the band, Funeral Grave has made a gruesome mix of slow death metal songs that are not making the greater difference to me. Too slow both in the growling and music is not a good cocktail to keep you awake, only on two occasions is there a little bit happening, in the track The Evil Within you hear lots of curses and possessing energy as if Funeral Grave wanted to fire up a bit. Mistress Of Blood And Fire brings a spark and fist fighting attitude into the music, but overall this album is too slow and difficult to remember after some time.

3 stars

Lars Bjørn


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