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On disc: Grave Robber

Inner Sanctum - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Inner Sanctum

Inner Sanctum
(Retroactive Records - 2009)

Grave Robber are presenting Inner Sanctum, a horror punk rock album with 11 tracks. The opener is the title track and is an instrumental intro. Afterwards they head into Detonation A.D., a fast rocker even faster passages. The vocals of Wretched remind me a bit of Volbeat's Michael Poulsen... Accompanied by gang shouts during the refrain. A bit more horror punk... Like The Misfits on speed. Melodic and raw at a time. At Altered States it's like you hear Volbeat covering The Misfits... A wild punk metal track is I'm Possessed! A punk'n'roll tune is Tell Tale Hearts, and again I have to think of the Danish... But usually Grave Robber are wild and raw. And their wild side shows at The Night Has Eyes, but always with melodic vocals without being catchy. It will take several spins to remember the melody lines, but the album is easy to get into. Valley Of Dry Bones is more metal then punk, but again a guitar-driven tune which invites you to party. Spoken words lead you into the closer I Spit On Your Grave. Another melodic punk rocker, this time spiced up with a cool guitar solo and vocals which have a dash of aggression. Well, actually it's not the last track, only the last one listed! There is a hidden track, a cover version of Black Sabbath' Children Of The Grave - but in the Grave Robber way! Pure fun.
Okay, Grave Robber isn't presenting something new, something unique, but the songs are fun. And I think live they really rock! The album is a bit short with less then 36 minutes, but at the other hand the songs quite alike, so if they would add some more tunes like this, it would probably become boring... And you can always hit the repeat button...

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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