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On disc: Grave Forsaken

This Day Forth - Claudia Ehrhardt - 4 stars

This Day Forth

This Day Forth
(Soundmass - 2009)

The Australian band Grave Forsaken was founded back in 2004 and they already released 2 EPs and 2 full-length albums, so This Day Forth is their 3rd full-length album. In the past this was the one to make it or break it...
My first impression is that soundwise they stick to the 80's sound, not a modern production with a massive punch.... Shouter Tim Steadman is lacking power, even if I heard worse... The opener is called No News... Ain't Good News - and actually this sums it up. The quintet from Down Under isn't presenting anything new, it's more like they take elements from their favorite songs / albums and try to mix them into their own blend. Well, sometimes it works, but in their case it's just average... Some old-fashioned thrash fans might like the album, coz it's quite 80's - and perhaps in the early / mid-80's they would get attention... Towards the end of the opener the shouted refrain has a slight punk rock touch. At the title track This Day Forth the weak production shows through and make you realize that you heard demos with a better production - like Thrash M from Poland. But even with a better production I think they won't have a real chance... I'm sorry, but the competition is huge these days and unfortunately this won't be enough to make it. You can find bits and pieces which tell that the guys can play, but they need help with the song writing - and a better production. With most singers it's a matter of taste... And that Tim is adding some growls to Celebrity Judge And The Sinner Part III won't help, coz they are more based in 80's heavy metal and only have thrash elements woven into their sound. And partly a dash punk rock, but adding some death metal elements is pushing too far. When they kicked off Wasting Power it looked a bit better, but then they choose the wrong turn - in my opinion. At the closer Affluenza they show a bit more and this track let me hope that they find their way, even if singer Tim Steadman is still their weak spot... But on the other hand there are quite a few singers who aren't the most talented, but made it big... Anyway, the Australians have to improve, if they want to get more attention and a real chance.
But you can check them out at - and make up your mind!

4 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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