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On disc: Grave Desecrator

Deathspells Rising - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars

Deathspells Rising

Deathspells Rising
(Metalhit Records - 2012)

Grave Desecrator is a well-known Brazilian band with several albums to their CV. Death metal is their mark, but now they have released a compilation CD of 16 songs from their career, even including a cover version of Bathory's Sacrifice. Many of the songs are cut from the same frame over the years, and Hearing The Armys Gongs gets the album underway a death metal power attack, fast controlled guitars backs up the speeding growling vocals, a typical song from them that just gets better and better as it moves forward. War Consecrated gives us a mega attack with melodic power metal completely in their own no compromise style. Sign Of Doom is doom metal as the title says, very heavy guitars that really hits the target. Revelations Of The Beast signs on for a metal bombardment with very strong and metallic clinging rhythms. The Bathory song Sacrifice is taken under genuine treatment by Grave Desecrator, and they keep up the speed attack and includes the frenzy guitar solo that gives this song vibrations and life. But as mentioned there is too much material that sound alike, and it could get a bit boring with so many songs as they release here.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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