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On disc: Grave

Burial Ground - Mike Thompson - 8 stars

Burial Ground

Burial Ground
(Regain Records - 2010)

Sweden's Grave is a true stalwart of the death metal genre. With a career spanning eight full-length albums this band of unsung heroes is one of the most consistent death metal bands ever, rivalling Bolt Thrower for sheer stubbornness in not conforming to trends or altering their sound very much. Burial Ground is the ninth studio album and once again continues this tradition.
Everything to love about quality old school death metal is contained within this album. There are fast parts followed by slow or mid-paced, almost doom metal parts. There is furious blasting drumming overladen with an absolutely perfect twin guitar attack and crushing bassy undertones.
The vocals are top of the range with a horrifying hoarse rasp – though not quite so hoarse as the great Martin van Drunen of Asphyx / Hail Of Bullets – that are still easily decipherable.
If you are a Grave fan, you will enjoy this album. If you a fan of old school death metal you should enjoy this album. If you are not a fan of death metal please ask yourself why you are reading this review and then go and do something worthwhile with your life... like join a Tibetan monastery or something. Of course, Grave offer nothing new but, I'll just reiterate this...It's Grave, what the hell do you expect!? This is an album from a band who deliver exactly what you'd expect from them time and time again. Do yourself a favour and buy it.

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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