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On disc: Graupel

Am Pranger - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Am Pranger

Am Pranger
(Ván Records - 2010)

Ván Records are now presenting the new album of German black metal outfit Graupel. The band was founded in 1995 by Zingultus (Endstille, Graven, ex-Nagelfar) and after releasing a demo in 2001 they made their first step into the spotlight with a split CD with Encomium in 2004. In 2005 their debut album Auf alten Wegen... was released, and another split LP followed in 2006. Since the vinyl Lauschangriff - Graupel and Endstille both featured with 3 songs - there haven't been any new releases. The band has been through changes, but now they are back with Am Pranger, their Christmas present for black metal fans.
Graupel kick off with Daemonicum, spoken words and staccato riffs lead into the up-tempo tune. The production is clean and powerful, supporting the songs atmosphere. Once in awhile they surprise with a tempi-change, but it's always just a short intermezzo. At Das blutende Mal they embedded a slow passage with whispered words - and create a threatening atmosphere. Very intense. Then they storm off again, but spice up the fast passages with mid-paced parts. Zingultus screams and whispers, adds whatever the song demands. They know how to write songs which drag you into the darkness, which make you feel anger, despair and hate. One of the highlights is Herkünfte Schatten, but there aren't any fillers. Well, everybody will have a favorite, but that's it. The outro is a bit too long in my opinion, especially as it's just creating an uneasiness... A threatening atmosphere - and then it's over. But you can always press stop or just re-start the album. ;)
Now you just have to make a decision, CD or vinyl? Or both? Graupel wish you a black-ish Christmas with Am Pranger.

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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