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On disc: Graham Bonnet Band

Meanwhile, Back In The Garage - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Meanwhile, Back In The Garage

Meanwhile, Back In The Garage
(Frontiers Records - 2018)

Introducing Graham Bonnet to a rock / metal fan is like carrying coals to Newcastle! Mr. Bonnet is a living legend! He stepped into the spot light with Rainbow's Down To Earth album. In his 50+ active years he was part of Rainbow, Alcatrazz, Michael Schenker Group and Impellitteri - beside his solo career.

Now he is presenting Meanwhile, Back In The Garage including a DVD named Live From Daryl's House 2018 (track list see below). And if you wonder who is Daryl, it's Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates!

The title track is also the opener and they head into a timeless album with Bonnet's unique voice and Joey Tafolla's neo-classical guitar work. Joey Tafolla plays all lead and rhythm guitars, just on Livin' In Suspicion Kurt James takes over. Everybody who thinks of Alcatrazz at the opener might be influenced by Jimmy Waldo's keyboard play. Excellent choice to open up this album!

At the following The Hotel they ease off a bit, more hard rock then neo-classical metal. Again it's Graham Bonnet's vocals who make the tune special. As well as the singing guitar of Joey Tafolla, but without the more than solid basis laid down by drummer Mark Benquechea and bassist Beth-Ami Heavenstone they can't shine so bright!

One of my favourites is Long Island Tea, a riff-based rocker. Very much in the tradition of the 80's rock songs, but with twists and turns. Quite catchy.

The slow We Don't Need Another Hero is a great tune and if you don't know the famous version of Tina Turner, you would believe this is a new track of Mr. Bonnet. Actually this version isn't as powerful as the Tina Turner one, but still more rock.

Rockers like Past Lives and the emotional The Crying Chair show that Graham Bonnet is still one of the best singers in rock.

Kudos to Mr. Bonnet who's 70 years old and still rocks!

Watch the album trailer to get an idea of Meanwhile, Back In The Garage:

DVD (Live From Daryl's House 2018)
1. Night Of The Shooting Star (Intro)
2. Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live
3. All Night Long
4. Night Games
5. California Air
6. God Blessed Video
7. Stand In Line
8. Island In The Sun
9. Desert Song
10. Starcarr Lane
11. Jet To Jet
12. S.O.S.
13. Into The Night
14. Samurai
15. Skyfire
16. Since You Been Gone
17. Assault Attack
18. Eyes Of The World
19. Hiroshima Mon Amour
20. Lost In Hollywood

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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