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On disc: Grá

Grá - Lars Bjřrn - 7 stars


(Unexploded Records - 2011)

A strange and untraditional band the Swedes black metallers Grá. They are mixing Icelandic themes into their music as their name is a combination of a Swedish and Icelandic word both meaning 'gray'. That could in principle be alright, but then they choose a mix of Swedish and English texts, and furthermore one of the songs has both a Swedish and English name: Allt lys förtvina / All Light Fade. Grá comes with fresh ideas and make their full-length debut and starts with a welcome song, Karon Kommer, and after that we get Döden Ser, Döden Tar which is a good piece of real black metal where they mark their true style, growling, investigating the fields of black culture. Kraft (Power) has a power energy as though they were ripping bones out while playing live. An Empty Place sounds like a machine with very few settings, but it gives a good description of the black melodic music Grá can make. Om Livets Besudlade Harg try a symphonic and very blood dripping way of black metal, and are almost scary in their belief of the black way of music. Offerrök is a 9 minute long dedication to black metal and stands as a milestone for them in my view. As the last song there is a new surprise: Ett Sista Kapital (A Last Chapter) play the theme of old traditional Scandinavian folk singing, this is really surprising that they include this kind of music to their CD, but brave and as a general view the album is promising a lot more from the Swedish multi black seekers. No doubt about their thoughts and metal style.

7 stars

Lars Bjřrn


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