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On disc: Gorefest

- Soul Survivor - Volker Raabe - 9 stars

Soul Survivor

Soul Survivor
(Nuclear Blast - 1996)

Death Metal in at it's best! In comparison with Cannibal Corpse is Soul Survivor a raw diamond! Gorefest present an excellent melt of traditional sounds with the extreme death metal elements added with the crazy vocals of Jan Chris de Koeijer. Oh my God, this band got excellent! They are confirmed for this years Dynamo Open Air which shows that very well that Gorefest Holland's best of all. A great sound which is done by Oscar Holleman (co-producer) and Attie Bauw (mix) are responsible for. For everybody who doesn't know how good death metal can sound these days, listen to Gorefest's Soul Survivor. Check out:: Dogday, Dragonman and Chameleon.

9 stars

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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