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On disc: Gods Will Be Done

The Book Of Blood - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

The Book Of Blood

The Book Of Blood
(Stargazer Records - 2009)

The Paderborn-based thrashers Gods Will Be Done released a demo in 2007 which got them a lot of positive feedback from fans and media. Now they signed to Stargazer Records and so their debut album sees finally the light of day. The Book Of Blood is out now! Early May I had the chance to hear the songs at a listening session at Westwood-Studios in Paderborn. See 'specials'! And so I was somehow prepared for what's coming. The Paderborn thrasher's songs are based on the angry thrash metal of Exodus (huge influence), Slayer, Violence and Dark Angel. But this isn't another retro thrash band, the five guys - former members of Greed and Spark - add some dashes of Pantera, Testament and Machine Head as well as a bit The Haunted, Defleshed, Carnal Forge, Darkane and Dew-Scented to the mix! A true riff massacre which rarely fall under the 200 bpm mark and which steam rolls you with a pumping bass, driving drum beats and guitar blast attacks! Singer Gulle (ex-Under Seven Bridges) adds a hardcore / punk vibe with his raw shouts. So you won't get some moldy retro thrash, you'll get some powerful, aggressive thrash grooves! Especially the guitar riffing is extra-ordinary with it's sharp and precise riffs. All put together without effects and triggered drums, this is how they sound! Unpolished and with rough edges! I don't want to go into detail, coz all 12 tracks are full esprit and power! Every track is a punch in the face. Everybody looking for some extreme thrash metal get's the full package when listening to Gods Will Be Done. Thumbs up for this thrash metal inferno! Just a little reminder, this is a debut!!! So I'm curious to hear more of these youngsters!

9 stars

Carsten Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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