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On disc: Godsmack

- Awake - Amir Djawadi - 7 stars


(Republic - 2000)

To be from Boston not necessarily mean that you'll be successful, even if bands like Aerosmith made it big. For the guys from Godsmack now the time is right to get the harvest of their invested hard work.
In 1998 the band released their self-titled debut which shook the rock scene and achieved 3 times platinum! They entered the charts and pushed established mainstream acts to the lower chart positions! Nevertheless they didn't rest on their laurels... Their fantastic sales figures. Touring their home country and the surrounding nations they blow music fans away with their salient sound They played in different sized venues and played as a support act of well-known acts (e.g. Black Sabbath - I saw them in front of 12,000 fans when they supported the British heroes) or on their own or shared the festival stages around the world.
While being on the road the band wrote most of the 11 tracks of their current release Awake. Singer Sully Erna use the writing of lyrics as an outlet of his moods. Straight, intensive and heavy grooving rock tunes are the result. Drummer Tony Stewart pushes his mates with his drum beat and support of bass player Robbie Merrill to the limits. The rough guitar riffing and the catchy hooks flowing out of guitarist Tony Rombola. But the powerful and energetic vocals of Mr. Erna himself shouldn't be forgotten. He also produced the album together with Mudrock (e.g. Powerman 5000).
The album is a homogenous piece of music and so it ain't easy to feature certain songs. So I'll just mention the single Awake and Going Down which you might know from the compilation The Boardercross Sound to check out.
Actually the album is sounding very homogenous and complete. Btw, the ones of you who have a ticket for the coming Limp Bizkit tour will have the pleasure to see Godsmack as their opener. So, be careful and don't spend all your power in the beginning, keep some energy for Fred Durst and his pales. Let's go!

7 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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