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On disc: Godslave

Into The Black - Lars Bjørn - 3 stars

Into The Black

Into The Black
(SAOL Music - 2011)

This is a band who is quite new on the metal scene, nevertheless they have the nerve to proclaim that 2011 is 'The Godslave Year'. And this is only their second album, so how can they make such a statement? After their first try, Bound By Chains, they force a new plague over the counters. Normally it's not a good idea to make profit of other peoples work, I'm talking about Godslave's choice of song titles: Anvilised (not a shred of heavy metallers Anvil in that song), and Slippery When Dead, what's in their heads: thoughts of Bon Jovi or what?, and the instrumental mess: A Shot In The Dark, what a way to make flashbacks to Ozzy Osbourne's 25 years old world class song, NOT.
The music itself: 12 songs starting with Trashed, okay with powerful guitars, growls but it gets messed up with over intense drums that splits the song and spread it in all directions. Anvilised gives us good guitars but the melodic line is weak, and they try uncreatively to save it by ending the song with hitting an anvil. Not very original. Insomniaddict is unstructured with bad vocals and the song seems halfhearted. Unleash The Slaves has an interesting guitar intermezzo but it gets ruined by the drums, like they are not cooperating in unison as they were supposed to. Slippery When Dead is dominated by endless repeats, it's getting frustrating to hear the same over and over again, especially as the song is an unstructured one. Blood Of The Innocent is better, it has a good ground rhythm heavy sound and creative ideas. Why I Hate is full of metal speed, but the impression is that all band members are running as fast as they can without getting anywhere. Scholar Eclipse works fine, one of the better songs since it holds controlled power and fine creativity. The final song is Into The Black, a slow death metal / doom metal song that are so slow it almost gets boring to hear the bad rhythm and ground section that comes as the stopper for their second album.
Generally Godslave should make more sharpness to their songs, and their habit of just ending the songs abruptly is a pain, have they never heard about ending the songs in a creative way? Apparently not.

3 stars

Lars Bjørn


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